Alquiler de apartamentos de lujoCalpestabili SL, is a company dedicated to the management of real estate properties located in the city of Calpe, in the heat of heart of the White Coast.

All our houses are available as it calls to account permanent or place of vacations supposing a unique opportunity of investment.

From Calpestabili we have marked ourselves as goals to give you the best service and the maximun security.

When planning your rent with Calpestabili, you must know that:

  • It will always have behind a real agency, during and after the reserve process.
  • You have to your disposition a service of attention to the multilingual and customized client who will solve any doubt to you.
  • All our clients will have an office or professional agency in the place of their vacations, that will take care of and solve the problems that can arise with the lodging.
  • Calpestabili operates with safe modes of payment online.
  • Calpestabili accepts major credit cards such as VISA/MASTERCARD.